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  • High Quality Pet Seat Cover for Dog and Cat Car Back Seat Protector Hammock   646648820404

High Quality Pet Seat Cover for Dog and Cat Car Back Seat Protector Hammock 646648820404

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Brand: BEST4DEARCar seat Covers for Transporting PetsProtects your back seat from mud, hair and scratches.Color: BlackSize: 58”x54” Features:DURABLE. Here, at Best4dear, we understand that your pet may have powerful claws and may feel uncomfortable and not be able to sit still during transport. That is why we made the decision to use super-strong fabrics: high-quality tough 600D polyester, with durable and even double stitching. The car seat protector will last for years to come.PROTECTS YOUR SEATS. We are aware of how stressful a car journey may be for both a pet and its owner. Hair all over your back seats may be extremely irritating for you and your passengers. Moreover, claws and "little wet accidents" can leave marks that are not so easy to remove. Keep your car tidy, and pay attention to the road without worrying about claw marks and spills. The cover is equipped with side flaps for better protection.VERSATILE USE. Thanks to adjustable straps, the Best4dear waterproof seat cover can be used for almost all cars. Besides protection against pet hair and claw marks, our clients claim that the Best4dear is invaluable when it comes to transporting tools, gardening equipment and plants. In addition, you can use the cover not only in your car, but also at home or your country house when you are working with soil or other messy substances.DOUBLE SAFETY. Your pet can get stressed during transport, and it may want to join you and lay on your lap. If you drive alone, this might be dangerous, as you will be forced to pay more attention to your pet than to the road. The Best4dear rear car seat cover doesn't allow your pet to come into the front seat area. The back side of the anti-skid seat cover is non-slip, so your pet won't slide around the back seat while you are driving.Details:The car seat dog cover is made of a durable and wear-resistant 600D polyester.Protects your back seat from mud, hair and scratches. All you need to do to clean the cover is to wipe it with a damp cloth. Just imagine how much money you will save on car washes. In addition, your car seat will be protected against claw marks and scratches.Machine washable. If you need a more serious cleaning, just wash the cover in the washing machine. Waterproof. Protects your seat against liquid spills.Adjustable straps. The installation and removal of the auto seat protector is a piece of cake! Adjust the seat cover exactly as you need.For pets, people and equipment transportation. It’s not only pets that are messy! If your kids drink beverages, and eat chocolate and cookies in the back seat of your car often, you know what we mean. Also, the cover can prevent a dirty situation when you are transporting tools, equipment and plants.Non-slide. When your dog runs and jumps on the seat, the cover stays put. You don’t need to worry that something will happen to your pet when you make a sudden turn or slam on the brakes.Doesn’t allow the pet into the front seat. Did you know that according to statistics, many car accidents occur when pets distract their owners while they are driving? Keep your pet in the back seat and stay safe on the road!

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